Friday 1:00 pm EST – Properly Armed With The Facts Big Book Discussion – AA Meeting

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Meetings start at 6pm UK time, except the Step 11 meeting, 8.30pm on Tuesdays. We are a solution based group and we ask that participants stay on topic. Fellowship after the meeting. All meetings are open.

Mon Stories From The Book

Tues Traditions For Our Future, Tradition Study

Tues Step 11 Prayer & Meditation

Wed Big Book Discussion

Thurs LOTH Book Study – Discussion group using AA Literature

Fri The Steps We Took – Step meeting

Sat A Newcomer Asks, Learn about the 12 steps, sponsorship, the Big Book and meetings (open to all, please come and share with the newcomer your E, S & H)

Sun 3 Pertinent Ideas, Main speaker sharing their E, S and H.

No PW – waiting room enabled.

Zoom ID 562 941 624

Tuesday, April 30 Open Share Meeting

Open to all - 6 PM ET

Meeting will start at 6 PM ET.